Training Walks

If you have had enough of your dog pulling its way through every walk, this is the service for you! Walks will focus heavily on leash manners and reducing overstimulation. We offer two varieties of training walks: 

Option 1: Owner present

You may want to watch the techniques in practice, and try them out for yourself while we are there, and you're very welcome to come along! 

Option 2: Trainer only

Your trainer will take your dog out for a walk of up to an hour, taking photographs and videos to showcase techniques. All media taken during sessions will be made available to you afterwards. Following the walk, your trainer will quickly take you through everything they have done.

Training walks are $40 and can take up to an hour.

Please note: New clients who are interested in any of our private training services must book an initial consult first. This does not apply to Group Walks.