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Solo Walks

Solo dog walks are a perfect way for your dog to get some exercise If they aren't happy to be around other dogs. During a solo walk, your trainer will take your dog on one of the many lovely hikes around Canberra and surrounds. Hikes will vary in difficulty and length, and will be carefully tailored to suit your dog's endurance and age. 

Photographs and videos of your dog having a wonderful time will be posted to our Instagram and Facebook feed, and can be made available for you to download upon request.

Bulk booking and regular attendee discounts do apply - please contact us for more information if you wish to book five or more walks in advance!


Our solo walks are $45 for up to an hour.


Please note: your dog must have reliable leash manners. We ask that you book a meet and greet before booking any exercise walk or playdate service.

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