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Intensive Training

Intensive training is for owners who need a bit of a boost in reinforcing commands in public. Training will follow an agreed-on schedule, which is organised with you before the first intensive. Intensives are conducted by the trainer working with your dog solo: if you would like to be involved during the training process we encourage you to book a one-on-one session instead.

Training could include working on items such as:

  • Toilet training

  • Barking reduction

  • Separation anxiety training

  • Entry protocols

  • Leash manners

Intensives take place in the most appropriate venue for the target techniques, whether in the home, a nearby oval, or a dog park. Your trainer will take multiple photos and videos throughout the session and will make them available to you afterwards. Following each intensive your trainer will also give you a short handover, briefly demonstrating any new techniques and giving you a short summary of how training went.

Intensive training costs are as follows:


1 hour - $110

3 hours - $290


Bulk booking discounts do apply, so if you are interested in pre-booking five or more sessions in advance, please contact us in advance!

IMPORTANT: New clients who are interested in any of our private training services must book an Initial Consult first. 

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