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Dog Sitting

If you have a dog who may not be comfortable being in a kennel for the time you're away, we're here for you! We will stay in your house with your dog so they can benefit from being in a familiar environment.  

Our base rate is $60 per night, which guarantees your sitter will be in your house at minimum from 8pm at night to 7am the following day. Our base rate also includes a half hour walk, plenty of pats and attention, and a gratuitous amount of photographs and videos. 

As an added bonus of having a dog training company take care of your pup, we can also provide a variety of optional add-ons throughout the day! These include:

  • Extra walks - $10 for an extra 30 minutes, $5 if you require more time (broken into multiple walks)

  • Mental enrichment - $15 for 30 minutes of new games, puzzles, and general fun

  • Intensive Training - $75 for an hour’s worth of training  

  • Doggy Adventure - $70 for a 2 hour adventure in some of the lovely places around Canberra and NSW, which may also include a trip to a dog park if appropriate

  • Supervised Play - $30 for a supervised introduction to one of our many previously trained and well mannered dogs

Other Animals

As long as you have a dog in the house, our sitters would be delighted to take care of your other small friends as well! We are able to provide care for cats, birds, rabbits, guinea pigs, rats, mice, and fish.

Contact us today if you would like to make a booking!

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